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For 15 years, I ran a successful online E-commerce company.  Through much time, effort, and continual education – we consistently appeared on Page 1 of the Google Search results for our targeted keywords.

Then, as the owner, I retired.  After 6 months I was bored, bored, bored.  What do I love to do and what am I good at?  Soon I realized that I wanted to help other small business owners with SEO – because SEO is what is going to make their business successful.

You MUST do SEO to  succeed – yet, most small business owners don’t have the time to learn SEO or money to hire an SEO firm.  You need to run your business!

As a business owner, I TRULY understand the frustrations, problems, and challenges you face.  I want to help you and share what I have learned to be successful. 

I spent years learning SEO and hold several advanced SEO Certifications: Masters in SEO, Masters in WordPress SEO, Local SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Ad Words.

Let me help you. We offer effective SEO services you can afford.

If you don’t have an SEO team for your business- you are losing out to your competitors!  It’s imperative to have a presence on the internet.  Grow your business by being found in the search results.

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My SEO Certifications

SEO Fundamentals Certification

SEO Fundamentals Certification

SEO Masters Certifications

WordPress SEO Certification

WordPress SEO Masters Certification

Google Local Search Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Google SEO Analytics